Net Carbon Accommodation Programme (NetCAP)

Several Locations Across UK Defence Training Estate

Apteriors have been appointed as FF&E consultant and provider for the entire NetCAP programme and will be responsible for the design, supply and install of all utility rooms, drying rooms, bespoke solutions, blackout blinds, and all other fixtures around the buildings.



The £45m Net Carbon Accommodation Programme (NetCAP), which is set to provide 40 carbon efficient accommodation blocks (more than 1,900 bed spaces) is being delivered across the UK Defence Training Estate.

The buildings range in size as required, typically providing up to 46 bed-spaces each, which can be subdivided as needed. This means that different military units can be accommodated within the block together, while also improving the overall experience for personnel. The programme, which was recognised at 2020’s Ministry of Defence (MOD) Sanctuary Awards, is also helping the Government meet its long-term carbon reduction goals.

The modular accommodation blocks delivered to date have boasted Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ratings ranging from 12 for the first, prototype building at Westdown Camp, Salisbury Plain to -10 at the most recently delivered accommodation. This means a 22-point swing in EPC rating and a decrease in embodied carbon of some 130 tonnes, compared to the prototype.

The NetCAP programme will run from 2020 to early 2020 and will deliver accommodation to training sites across the UK, including:

Westdown Camp and Knook Camp on Salisbury Plain,
Nesscliff Training Area in Shropshire,
Warcop in Cumbria,
Castlemartin Training Area in Pembrokeshire,
Brunswick Training Camp in Surrey, and
West Tofts and Wretham in Norfolk