Workspace Consultancy

Workplace consultancy and design is a process of analysing and evaluating a company’s culture and workspace, in order to design an environment that maximises productivity, engagement, and employee wellbeing. 

When considering how to design a workplace, there are several important factors that Apteriors take into account. Firstly, it’s important to understand the needs and preferences of the employees who will be using the space. This can involve conducting surveys or focus groups to gather information about what employees require in order to perform their jobs effectively. Secondly, it’s important to consider the layout and flow of the space, as well as factors such as lighting, temperature, and acoustics. By taking a holistic approach to workplace design and considering the needs of employees, companies can create workspaces that foster creativity, collaboration, and overall job satisfaction. Apteriors have designed and delivered some spectacular working environments for offices that cater to offices holding between 5 & 100+ employees.  Recently, with remote working becoming increasingly in demand, it is imperative that a company’s office space offers more than just a desk space for employees, and attracts new talent with its galvanising ambience.

Apteriors interior designers take an approach which encompasses sustainability, company culture, comfort, productivity, inspiration, practicality and flexible function. An office space not to be missed!  

Further FF&E consultancy services:

Bid Consultancy

Bid consultancy is a specialised service that Apteriors offer, to help companies to prepare and submit winning bids for furniture contracts, framework tenders, and fee proposals. 

Apteriors offer an experienced professional who can provide expert guidance and support to a company throughout the bidding process, from identifying suitable opportunities to crafting compelling proposals and mock up designs that meet the needs of the procurement organisation. 

Education Consultancy

Education consultancy is a service where the Apteriors team holds the most expertise, over the past 15 year we have provided great design, guidance and support to approximately 500+ schools and educational institutions nationwide in order to improve teaching and learning outcomes.