Our Specialisms: Education


Our specialist design and fit out teams have been working on educational spaces for numerous years.


Our industry expertise allows us to push the boundaries of the spaces we work with, while providing furniture that is fit for purpose.


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It is especially important for very young children that they feel secure and stimulated to learn in their environment. We understand that learning through play is key for the development of important skills such as exploring, identifying, negotiating and risk-taking. So, we use FF&E to create zones aimed at various types of play such as water, sand, table top, small world, construction and creative.


Our school classroom design ideas always reflect the school’s ethos and Apteriors signature styles: IMAGINATIVE, PROGRESSIVE and DYNAMIC, while still placing pupils’ learning and development at the core. Each room is well organised and free of visual and physical clutter. We make the space as flexible as possible, taking into account teachers’ day-to-day routines and requirements, while of course always being generous with storage.


The design of a workspace will either help or hinder workers’ productivity. Which is why we carry out rigorous planning to deliver spaces that are ergonomically fulfilled, whilst facilitating modern technological and collaborative ways of working.


Specialist spaces allow students to explore their creative abilities with the prospect of pursuing a specialist career in the future. Creating a well thought-out, industry standard specialist space, equips students with the best opportunity to learn and be inspired. Apteriors fine tune each specialist environment thanks to years of experience in creating music studios, theatre & sports halls and DT & technology workshops (and more).


Having a an informal space that encourages students to relax, eat, work collaboratively or socialise outside of the classroom is invaluable. Apteriors like to use energetic, clever design to really set the space apart from the rest of the school, whilst ensuring functionality and flexibility are at its forefront.


Apteriors have over 10 years’ experience in design for SEND & SEMH schools, which we draw on to ensure a broad spectrum of needs are catered for. Our designers take into consideration cognition and learning with special needs when proposing furniture, being mindful of emotional, behavioural and social needs, allowing sufficient space to learn, safe spaces to calm down and a broad spectrum of sensory rooms, where relevant.